Few seem to be  impressed—or supportive—of the 2011 budget as presented by Finance Minister  Jim Flaherty on March 22. With a number of small measures for a variety of  groups, this budget didn’t seem to have anything of significant impact.  Nonetheless, we’ve brought you insight and industry reaction to the 2011  stay-the-course budget.

Flaherty brings down “responsible, practical” budget
Seniors, students and job-seekers will see some additional benefits from this year’s budget, introduced today in Ottawa. But those benefits are relatively minor, and may not be enough to appease the opposition parties, who are threatening to topple the government and trigger a federal election. More…

Healthcare system doesn’t get the boost it needs
Support for informal caregivers and research money were small but positive steps taken to enhance the Canadian healthcare system in the 2011 budget, but much remains to be done to affect systematic change. More…

Budget lackluster for seniors
A Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) top-up of $50 a month for singles and $70 a month for couples and the elimination of the mandatory retirement age for federally regulated employees are not enough to improve the quality of life and increase opportunities for Canadian seniors. More…

Federal budget silent on pension reform initiatives
A federal budget that attempted to balance the government’s determination to eliminate the deficit by 2015 and the need to attract opposition support offered little new for the country’s ongoing pension reform debate. More…

Caregivers get a break with budget
An aging workforce means aging parents of those employees as well. As more and more employees find themselves in the caregiver role, employers are put in a tough spot at times. More…

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