A majority of Canadians feel their employment is just a job, according to a survey.

The Careerbuilder.ca survey finds that 58% of workers feel that they have a job as opposed to a career (42%).

Nearly one-quarter (23%) of Canadian workers say they plan to change jobs this year, up from 17% last year.

Employee satisfaction may be one cause that workers are exploring other possibilities. Job satisfaction matters to most (88%) Canadian workers, yet one in five (18%) employees say they are dissatisfied with their job, up from 15% last year. Still, 57% are satisfied with their current jobs, mostly because of their co-workers, benefits and work/life balance.

Those who reported being dissatisfied with their job most frequently cited the following concerns:

  • don’t feel valued;I feel like just a number (61%);
  • my salary (56%);
  • I don’t like my boss (43%);
  • inability to make a difference (33%);
  • no training/learning opportunities (31%);
  • I don’t have a good work/life balance (27%); and
  • I don’t feel challenged (26%).

Those who are satisfied cited the following reasons:

  • I like the people I work with (80%);
  • benefits (62%);
  • I have a good work/life balance (58%);
  • I like my boss (54%);
  • I feel valued/my accomplishments are recognized (48%);
  • my salary (42%).

Employers looking to reduce employee turnover would do well to listen to their employees’ opinions. Canadian employees were asked what they considered to be the best way for employers to increase retention. Besides just raising salaries (74%), top responses included the following:

  • increase employee recognition (rewards, cash prizes, company trips) (56%);
  • increase benefits (55%);
  • ask employees what changes they want to see and put feedback into action (52%);
  • provide flexible work schedules (51%);
  • increase training/learning opportunities (40%); and
  • provide special perks (free lunches, concierge services, game room, etc.) (32%).

“Offering frequent recognition, merit bonuses, training programs and clearly defined career paths are important ways to show workers what they mean to the company,” says Mark Bania, senior career advisor of CareerBuilder Canada. “With new positions constantly being added across Canada each month that are enticing workers to change jobs, now is the time for employers to look at their recruitment strategies and make adjustments so their top talent doesn’t jump ship.”

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