While 96% of Canadian employers have wellness initiatives or plan to introduce them, only 24% have fully implemented wellness strategies, according to Buck Consultant’s recent survey, Working Well: A Global Survey of Health Promotion and Workplace Wellness Strategies.

The survey found that fewer than one in four workplace wellness programs in Canada have a strategy with multi-year goals and a documented approach to evaluate results.

Among Canadian respondents, only 30% indicate that they have measured any specific outcomes from their wellness programs. This compares to 37% of global respondents that have measured their outcomes.

Stress continues to be the top health driver of Canadian wellness programs. Improving productivity, reducing absences and improving workforce morale and engagement are the most important objectives for these programs.

These results were among the key findings of Buck’s fourth annual global wellness survey, which analyzed responses from more than 1,200 organizations in 47 countries representing more than 13 million employees.

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This isn’t entirely surprising considering the difference in health care structure in Canada versus the USA. However, I think we’re already starting to see a change in this trend as Canadian employers recognize that they will still save money if their employers are healthier, less absenteeism, presenteeism, improved morale, less stress, etc.. It’s far easier to measure your ROI and see the success of your corporate wellness program, though if you have measurable outcomes. That’s one of the advantages a program like Walkingspree provides to their clients. The Buck Consultants Survey has brought up a lot of interesting trends regarding corporate wellness adaptation and incentive use trends. We did a recent blog post related to this survey as well http://www.walkingspree.com/technology-based-wellness-rapidly-growing/

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