On Dec. 10 in Toronto, the Defined Benefit Investment Forum looked at the top challenges plan sponsors face in managing DB plans, and the investment tools and solutions that can help.

Here are some of the highlights of the sessions:

Economist doesn’t think recession is looming
In a world of volatility, with markets driven by trade wars, Trump tweets and talk of a potential recession on its way, Scotiabank’s vice-president and deputy chief economist is shining a light of optimism. Read more

Navigating the complicated relationship between interest rates, real estate
The complicated relationship between real estate and interest rates makes it important to know the role different types of properties play in a portfolio and to use public real estate for liquidity to keep a focus on core property. Read more

Using an ‘active investing triad’ for outperforming pension returns
While active managers outperform in some situations and not in others, when using active management, what characteristics can pension plans look for to stay on the outperforming side of the equation? Read more

Junior infrastructure debt holds opportunities for plan sponsors
Faced with technological disruption, plan sponsors may benefit from taking a shorter-term approach to infrastructure investing and focusing on multiple, smaller-scale projects. Read more

When is a delegated service model right for a pension plan?
In an increasingly challenging investment and regulatory environment, many pension plans are looking to a new model, delegating key investment management and service activities to third-party providers. Read more

A look at the ROM pension plan’s merger with CAAT
While many pension plan sponsors are moving away from defined benefit plans and favouring more affordable defined contribution structures, a new option for plans is merging the management of their assets and liabilities with larger plans. Read more

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