On Dec. 11, the Mental Health Summit Vancouver highlighted how the stigma surrounding mental illness can be removed from the workplace and what employers can do to help facilitate a comfortable return to work for those with mental-health issues.

Here are some of the highlights of the sessions:

Dealing with stigma of returning to work after mental-health leave
Depression is pervasive and creates problems within individual relationships, but also within workplace relationships. Looking at how to have more affective conversations about depression is important to ensure people have better access to the skill-based care they need at work. Read more

Mental health is everyone’s business and workplaces have role to play
Mental health is everyone’s business and workplaces have a role to play in this conversation, according to Krista Benes, program manager of workplace mental health at the Mental Health Commission of Canada. Read more

Specific solutions required to move dial on mental-health treatment, costs
A significant disconnect exists between the degree of mental-health problems facing Canadians today, the costs of workplace mental health and the solutions in place to address and reduce those costs. Read more

More innovative, intensive approach to medication management required
Treating mental health with medications is very different from treating an infection, so why do many people, and many employers, treat them like they’re one and the same? Read more

How Coast Capital is normalizing workplace attitudes about mental illness
Employers have an integral role to play in managing workplace attitudes around mental illness, a plan sponsor told attendees at the 2018 Mental Health Summit Vancouver on Dec. 11. Read more

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