On May 24, the 2019 Vancouver Benefits Summit focused on how employers can make their organization its healthiest by starting with their benefits plans.

Here’s what you missed!

Panel: Should drug coverage for certain conditions still be optional?
In many workplace drug plans, medications that treat certain conditions remain in the optional life category, but is this structure still valid today? Read more

How does cognitive behavioural therapy actually work?
Everyone is talking about cognitive behavioural therapy, but do most people understand it? Read more

The potential effects of public drug plan changes on new therapies in Canada
If the Canadian government wants to tackle drug coverage, it should focus on the areas where Canadians are facing genuine gaps. Read more

Using biologics to help workers with inflammatory conditions
Inflammatory conditions have the power to severely affect employees’ productivity and general quality of life. Read more

The landscape for biosimilars switching across Canada
Using biosimilars to facilitate drug plan savings is a key consideration for a balanced path forward. Read more

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