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Could climate change turn Canada’s Arctic into an emerging market?

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It’s going to take this kind of private initiative and risk taking to transform the north, while perhaps restoring certain soul strengthening traditional ways of life in the process. Look at Greenland and the job the Danes have done there.

Our approach to date seems to have been “flood the area with a bottomless pit of social services to take care of the social damage we have done up there over the years, and people will just tolerate it forever.”

Gov’ts also seem to take the view that when competing for people to lure to the north, it’s OK to compete with private enterprise on the compensation front, in a battle gov’ts know private enterprise can’t win. This can’t continue.

Sovereignty isn’t conditional. We either develop the north responsibly–in all respects– or we’ll loose it to far more populous countries like China.

A “New National Program” rallying cry (for you history buffs?) Perish the thought.

Thursday, November 22 at 11:39 am | Reply

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