The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) delivered a net investment return of 18.3% for fiscal 2015—the biggest one-year return since it was created.

The CPP fund ended the year with net assets of $264.6 billion, compared to $219.1 billion at the end of fiscal 2014. The $45.5 billion increase in assets for the year consisted of $40.6 billion in net investment income after all CPPIB costs and $4.9 billion in net CPP contributions.

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Multiple factors contributed to fiscal 2015 growth, including all major public equity markets, bonds, private assets and real estate holdings.

Combined, all three of CPPIB’s investment departments delivered substantial investment income to the Fund. International markets, both emerging and developed markets, advanced significantly, boosting returns further as CPPIB continues to diversify the fund. The benefit of the fund’s diversification across currencies also played a role in its returns, as the Canadian dollar fell against certain currencies, including the U.S. dollar.

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In the 10-year period up to and including fiscal 2015, CPPIB has contributed $129.5 billion in cumulative net investment income to the fund after all CPPIB costs, and more than $151.5 billion since inception in 1999, meaning that over 57% of the fund’s cumulative assets are the result of investment income.

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