Moderators: Nadia Darwish, vice-president of development, marketing and investment strategy; and Karrina Dusablon, vice-president of business development, client relationship and member experience, at Desjardins Insurance

Topic: Balancing a human and digital approach to plan member experiences

Augmented reality, big data, robo-advisors and artificial intelligence are playing growing roles in the digital era. By 2020, Canadians will manage 85 per cent of their relationships with companies without human interaction. On the other hand, 83 per cent of Canadians prefer dealing with a person when getting advice and resolving customer service issues. What’s the optimal balance between human-focused and digital services when it comes to effectively interacting with plan members?

Key takeaways:

❱ While digitization is clearly a growing trend, the pension industry needs to create authentic, relevant and personalized experiences.

❱ The goal is to leverage artificial intelligence and data to make the delivery of digital services indistinguishable from those provided by a human. The industry should also provide plan members with access to a live person at appropriate opportunities.

❱ Plan sponsors expressed a willingness to share more data with providers to help boost member experiences. Asking plan members directly for more information about themselves and getting their consent to reach out to other sources can also help.

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