Moderators: Nadia Darwish, vice-president of development, marketing and investment strategy; and Karrina Dusablon, national vice-president of business development, client relationship and member experience, at Desjardins Insurance

The consensus among participants was that when focusing on retirement readiness, there’s a need for a broader discussion about promoting financial wellness, said Dusablon. “We need to make financial literacy a key component of our educational system early on, if we are to have an impact on member outcomes.”

Key takeaways:

❱ Each individual is at a different point in the engagement spectrum. Communications should involve multiple touch points and focus on specific needs to encourage success.

❱ Although concerns about litigation and risk remain, there’s an increasing focus on whether financial wellness should be an extension to the program and whether a third-party provider should offer it.

❱ Plan sponsors want to be able to choose from a range of services and solutions so they can determine what’s appropriate for their organization’s culture and their members’ specific needs.

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