Job satisfaction is a major influence on employees’ perceptions of their personal health, according to the 2019 Sanofi Canada health-care survey.

The survey found employees respond positively when they feel valued, and that plan sponsors could benefit from raising awareness of the link between physical and mental health. Plan sponsors, it also noted, can support job satisfaction through workplace culture and health benefits plans.

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The majority (85 per cent) of plan member respondents with a workplace wellness culture are satisfied with their job, compared to 62 per cent without a culture of wellness at work. The numbers are similarly divergent for employees who rated their personal health as excellent or very good and said the quality of their benefits plan was excellent or very good.Among all plan members, 49 per cent described their health as excellent or very good. This dropped to 39 per cent among those who have a chronic disease or condition, and 26 per cent among those who regularly take three or more medications.

Stress management was a bigger factor for plan members who aren’t satisfied with their job (46 per cent) compared to those who are satisfied (32 per cent).

On the financial side, 16 per cent of plan members described their current financial situation as poor. This number jumped to 40 per cent among those in poor physical health. Financially unhealthy plan members were more likely (37 per cent) to say the quality of their health benefits plan is poor or doesn’t meet their needs (39 per cent).

However, 80 per cent of plan members reported satisfaction with their current job, which was consistent with last year’s survey at 80 per cent.

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