More than one-third of working Canadians believe there is a serious risk they will outlive their savings compared with only one in seven retirees.

Those are the findings of the 2015 Sun Life Canadian Unretirement Index.

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For the first time since Sun Life Financial began surveying retirement expectations in Canada, the number of Canadians who expect to be working full-time past age 65 has now surpassed those who believe they will be fully retired.

As many as 60% of Canadian workers now expect to work either full-time or part-time when they retire, compared with 27% who expect to be fully retired.

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The top three reasons why employees think they’ll be working past 65 include the need to earn enough to cover basic living expenses (21%), disbelief that government pensions will be enough to live on (18%) and the need to earn enough money to live well (16%).

The study polled 3,000 employees and 400 retirees at the end of 2014.

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