Equitable Life of Canada is introducing a fully online option for employees enrolling in group benefits plans.

“Plan members can easily enter all their enrolment information, including dependant details, banking information for direct deposit of claim payments and details for coordination of benefits,” said Norma Crouse, assistant vice-president of claims and administration at Equitable Life, in a press release. “They can even designate their beneficiary electronically.”

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The option, which is mobile friendly,  will be available for both traditional and flexible benefits plans on Jan. 1, 2019. The tool also provides a reminder to users before the enrolment period ends, which is aimed at eliminating late applicants.

“For plan administrators, the days of chasing plan members for their paper enrolment forms are gone. It’ll all be done automatically for them,” said Crouse. “They will value the substantial time savings and accuracy that online enrolment provides.”

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Chris Pryce:

Sounds fantastic…but I don’t think that life insurance rules allow for the payment of a life claim without a signed beneficiary form. It used to be original beneficiary forms, but I believe Insurers have liberalized this and now will accept a photocopy or PDF…Not sure they will even accept a picture file (JPG)??

So, Equitable life will have this cutting edge platform but will still rely on snail mail on the back end to perhaps manage enrollment forms??

Has the rules changed?

Monday, November 19 at 11:36 am | Reply

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