The federal government has established an independent expert panel to study the complex workplace issues facing Canadian employers and employees.

The nature of work is changing and so are the needs of Canadian workers, noted a press release,  and a modern set of federal labour standards that reflect these changes will better protect Canadian workers, helping set the stage for good quality jobs.

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The establishment of the expert panel follows an online consultation by the government last year, which focused on five themes: removing eligibility requirements to maternity and other leaves; supporting work-life balance; good wages and benefits; revising termination provisions; and protecting employees in non-standard and precarious employment.

The panel will study, consult and bring forward recommendations on the federal minimum wage; labour standards protections for non-standard workers; the right to disconnect outside of work hours; collective voice for non-unionized workers; and access to and portability of benefits.

The panel will operate at arm’s length from the government, aiming it provides independent, evidence-based advice, according to the release.

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