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Given sharp dips in oil, is it a buy for Canadian pension plans?

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“…the energy sector is very attractively priced….”

Is it? Which sector e.g. petro, solar etc.? Which sub-sector e.g. exploration, distribution, refining, retail gas? Which country?

There may be short term value plays with Canadian integrateds, simply because they can control pump prices to boost “refining margins”. Not good for consumers necessarily, but good for Alberta and therefore good for the country.

The long term outlook for petroleum though, no matter how one slices it, is not one that prudent institutional investors get excited about. Consumers who have gone electric (and soon, fuel cell) are increasing in numbers dramatically, and they ain’t going back. That includes Chinese consumers….at a time when reserves and “tap capacity” have never been higher

Monday, January 07 at 11:51 am | Reply

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