Online sleep clinic Haleo and employee assistance program provider Optima Global Health are forming a partnership to make solutions for insomnia and other sleep disorders accessible to millions of Canadian employees.

Through the partnership, Haleo’s personalized insomnia treatment will be integrated into all of the basic issues covered in Optima’s EAP framework.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, many physicians and researchers have noticed a significant increase in the frequency and severity of sleep disorders, directly related to the current exceptional circumstances, according to a press release. It noted the effective treatment for insomnia should be a key component of the strategy to mitigate a second crisis, linked to mental health.

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“Over the past few months, we have collectively faced anxiety-provoking and stressful situations that have had a direct impact on the quality of sleep for many Canadians,” said Bradley Smith, president and chief executive officer of Haleo, in the release. “We are very pleased to make a concrete contribution to preserving and improving the health of Canadians through sleep [which is] an important component of a healthy lifestyle that is too often neglected when it should be considered as a public health concern.” 

Martin Binette, CEO of Optima Global Health, noted the offering will complement the range of services already offered through the company’s EAP. “We are therefore very confident that the two million employees who will have access will benefit in a concrete way.” 

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