As Pokémon Go sparks its legions of fans to take to the streets, how do you feel about the smartphone app’s impact on the workplace?

The game can, of course, be a distraction as some employees play it while at work. But as Benefits Canada reported last week, it may also work as a tool for employers to encourage their staff to get moving.

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Linda Lewis-Daly, a workplace wellness consultant, notes the game has many physical, mental and social benefits and suggests employers can integrate the app into their wellness efforts. For example, managers can use the game as a basis for team-building activities or competitions like pocket monster scavenger hunts with trophies for the winning group.

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So what do you think? Is the game a disruption, a tool for workplace wellness or a bit of both? Have your say in this week’s online poll.

As for last week’s poll, it asked whether plan sponsors are looking to change the design of their pension or benefits plans in the near future. The poll found half of respondents felt comfortable with the current state of their plans, with the remainder split between those looking to make changes soon (30 per cent) and another group of respondents who said they’d like to but can’t at the moment due to the difficulties involved (20 per cent).


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