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‘Historic settlement’ for female armed forces, national defence staff in sexual harassment case

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Dennis G. Gabriel:

I applaud this outcome. Personally, my own experience of discrimination and workplace harassment/bullying dates back to 1994 and to a lesser degree, prior to then. My submission of redress of grievance (submitted in 1997) was neither supported nor dealt with in a timely manner (response from CDS 2004). At the local level and higher up the chain of Command my grievance proceeded, the more watered down it became. An exhaustive list of “Witnesses” were never interviewed therefore a thorough investigation never occurred. Sadly, I left a 30+ year career as a bitter servicemember who still awaits reconciliation of three valid issues.

Thursday, July 25 at 4:19 pm | Reply

DL Dey:

In the 2000’s, I was sexually harassed daily by a WO, who was my boss. After filing a complaint, I was met by two MP’s from Ottawa. The first thing they did to me was tell me my representation was not allowed in the room with me during my interview, illegal, and then they sat me down and starting calling me horrific names, and saying how dare I accuse a WO, I could harm his career. Absolutely no compassion or sympathy for me, the victim. The case then took 3 more years to come to a conclusion and only after I took it to a padre. I have never been treated as horribly and disrespectfully in my life as I was then. As the victim, this whole experience will stay with me for as long as I live, it still makes me cry. It affects my work and personal life every single day.

Friday, July 26 at 2:50 pm | Reply

Carol Young:

Its about time. As a former member of CF regular I was discriminated against multi times. A single parent, I was treated abominably. I was told that since I was a woman I would be sent to the field before a single parent male as women handle kids better. I was ignored and called a malingerer for years when the CF was quite aware of my injuries and did nothing about it. When in field I was slammed into a tree by a soldier who groped me. All sympathies went to the father of my child. I have never claimed anything from him and raised by son alone until I left the CF due to pain. It still pisses me off and I have been on anti depressants since. I am glad the Military are finally taking note.

Saturday, July 27 at 11:51 am | Reply


Let’s not forget about the young males that underwent hazing. This article spotlights a specific group of people (women). Everyone should be given the opportunity to grieve for the pride they lost during certain events in their careers.

I support this 100%; I’m a female who was sexually harassed during my last deployment (physically) and when I reported it, it wasn’t taken seriously (by a social worker).

Tuesday, July 30 at 1:55 pm | Reply

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