iA Financial Group is introducing a virtual assistant to help personalize group benefits and pension plan member experience.

The virtual assistant can be accessed using Google Assistant on a cell phone, tablet or via Google Home. It can calculate how much a group registered retirement savings plan member should contribute or estimate the amount saved when they retire, and can also locate nearby health-care providers that comply with the company’s eligibility criteria.

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“Our vision is to make the iA virtual assistant able to provide personalized information to group plan members that is adapted to their profile,” said Martin Bélanger, senior vice-president at group benefits, savings and retirement, and special markets solutions.

“The virtual assistant will be able to guide plan members in evaluating the options available at the various stages of their lives. It could even help them change certain unhealthy lifestyles by encouraging them to act now. Our desire is to change the paradigm by moving from a curative approach to a preventive approach.”

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