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Legal cases highlight issues around LTD coverage

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Steve Talos:

As an update, I arrived at a Mediated Settlement for damages as a consequence of my case for age discrimination re. benefits. Employees 65 and over who do not received the same benefits as those under the age of 65 for doing the same job should consider filing a complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal. In many cases, as in mine, your spouse may also be covered under your benefit plan. When the GEDSB terminated my benefits, it also terminated those for my wife who required certain drugs to treat her ovarian cancer. Age discrimination is like any other form of discrimination under both the Charter of Rights and the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal unless there is a “bona fide reason” to make a distinction. Every person has the right to work and in so doing should be treated with the same respect and dignity as every other employee despite his/her age.

Steve Talos

Friday, March 29 at 7:12 am | Reply

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