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Lessons from a workplace harassment investigation gone wrong

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This person is lucky that her case got to an arbitration board where the case was investigated. The union working for provincial government is ruling out grievances front, left and centre because its more important for them to keep provincial government happy than do what is right for the victims. Increased bargaining power will increase their salaries. Unions are violating our constitutional rights with their collective agreements, and it angers me that nobody is putting a stop to it. Your constitutional rights supersede everything, including collective agreements. Unions are collecting membership dues, and while this money should be used to help members being victimized at in the workplace, it appears to only be used to enrich unions. Victims of bullying and harassment should be have a right to justice and should be compensated for damages and losses, period. In fact, your charter of rights reads “If the government caused financial loss through a violation of a Charter right, the court might order the government to reimburse the individual.” This means that you have a right to go to court if you feel at loss financially by the government’s actions – unions should have no right to ban your constitutional right!!!!!

Saturday, September 08 at 1:56 am | Reply

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