The end of the year is a popular time for workers to take stock of their career and decide what changes they want to make in 2015—one area workers may be considering making some adjustments this coming year is work/life balance.

A survey from finds that nearly one-quarter of workers struggle to find a balance between work and personal time. Twenty-three percent of workers say they are dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with their work/life balance; only half say they are satisfied or very satisfied.

A majority (68%) of workers report feeling burned out on their job at times, and 13% say they “always” feel burned out on the job.

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“Many of us spend a majority of our time at work, and it can bleed into personal time,” says Mark Bania, director of CareerBuilder Canada. “At times, that can become overwhelming and lead to feelings of burnout among employees. One way employers can counter these effects is to offer more benefits around work/life balance, such as more flexible hours or the option to work from home.”

Work/life balance is among the top factors employees value most in their jobs. When asked about the three most important factors of their jobs, workers cited salary (75%), followed by:

  • job security (70%);
  • work/life balance (64%);
  • learning opportunities (25%);
  • the ability to make a difference (21%); and
  • autonomy in my position (18%).

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Money is even preferable to extra time off. When asked if they would choose a bigger paycheque over a shorter workweek, the overwhelming majority (71%) of workers would opt for extra cash.

When it comes to their feelings about the job itself, 37% of workers love their jobs. Seven percent say they hate their jobs, and 56% say they are OK with them.

Though money is a major incentive for 43% of workers, it falls second to the ability to provide for themselves and their families as the most popular motivator for workers, cited by 52%. One in five workers say the ability to make a difference motivates them to do their job (21%), and one in 10 find motivation in the ability to create something meaningful or cool.

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Having more flexibility in the schedules could help with finding a better work/life balance; however, while the majority (65%) of employees believe companies should offer flexible work schedules to every employee, the remaining 35% believe workers should have to earn the right to a flexible work schedule.

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