Mercer has acquired Hall Consulting Limited (HCL) and with it, its hallmark Coopers Mining Industry Salary Surveys.

The B.C.-based consulting firm has been a leader in the energy and mining business and now, with the acquisition, Mercer will build its prominence in this sector.

“Mercer continues to add to our expertise in specific industries, and we believe that our experience in talent management can be of particular value to the mining and extractive industries as the sector grows and competition for talent heightens,” said Orlando Ashford, president, talent, with Mercer.

With more than 2,000 publicly traded mining companies in Canada and the U.S., this provides an excellent opportunity for Mercer to grow it is talent information and consulting services in the industry.

Lou Vujanich, the founder and principle of Hall Consulting will be joining Mercer and work closely with the firm to facilitate a smooth transition of HCL clients to Mercer.

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