MindBeacon Group is launching a digital mental-health option to support all Canadians through heightened anxiety and stress related to the coronavirus pandemic.

The organization found nearly half (46 per cent) of people starting therapy since the beginning of the pandemic via its Beacon digital platform indicated anxiety as their primary mental-health concern, which was up by 12 per cent when compared to pre-March 2020 figures.

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The new therapy aims to help people develop a personalized collection of evidence-based techniques to successfully deal with stress, thus minimizing the risk of developing clinical anxiety or depression.

“This new Beacon therapy capability gives Canadians one-to-one guidance from a registered therapist to learn valuable strategies and find the balance that they need to protect their mental well-being,” said Dr. Peter Farvolden, chief science officer at MindBeacon, in a press release.

The therapy is available to most employees through employer or health services providers or as a reimbursable benefit through group benefits plans. In Ontario, the guided digital therapy is available free of charge during the pandemic via funding from the provincial government.

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