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Canadian employers are going beyond traditional health benefits to address all the facets of their employees’ well-being, according to a new survey by global staffing firm Robert Half.

The survey found employers are offering physical (63 per cent), financial (65 per cent) and mental (73 per cent) wellness programs. As well, organizations are covering at least some of the cost for these physical and financial (51 per cent each) and mental (64 per cent) wellness resources.

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“Companies must be responsive to evolving standards for work-life wellness if they hope to attract and retain talented teams,” said David King, senior district president for Robert Half, in a press release. “Employees are looking for benefits that go beyond conventional health plans to include more unique options, such as retirement planning and stress management courses, that support them both personally and professionally.”

According to employer respondents, the most common perks offered are flexible work schedules or telecommuting options (50 per cent), paid parental leave (47 per cent) and employee discounts (42 per cent). However, for employees, the most valued wellness offerings are fitness facilities or programs (24 per cent), ergonomic evaluations and equipment (22 per cent) and incentives for engaging in healthy behaviour (18 per cent).

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In addition, the survey found 71 per cent of employers said they plan to provide incentives, such as bonuses, profit-sharing and spot awards, in the year ahead. Indeed, many organizations said they expect to increase the dollar amount (43 per cent) or frequency (41 per cent) of these rewards, and 33 per cent said they anticipate adding new offerings in this area.

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