A Right Management poll finds 86% of North American employees plan to pursue new career opportunities in 2015.

“Our data should serve as a call to action for managers and leaders who want to retain their top talent,” says Bram Lowsky, Right Management executive vice-president and global leader of career management. “The improving economy brings about a renewed job confidence, which results in increased interest in career mobility.”

Only 5% of employees intend to stay in their current position, while 8% indicate they would opportunistically make a change in 2015 and are already networking.

The high percentage of individuals planning to seek new career opportunities suggests that workers are dissatisfied with their careers. This dissatisfaction tends to negatively impact productivity and points to the need for organizations to provide more options for career development.

The desire to look for new challenges should serve as a red flag for organizations that want to retain employees, he explains.

“Individuals want to stay when they feel they have opportunities to grow, learn and advance their careers,” says Lowsky. “It’s clear, organizations must improve career development options internally so they don’t lose talent.”


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