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More natural light and outdoor views in the workplace could lead to more engaged and satisfied employees, according to a new study.

The study, which was commissioned by View, Inc., was conducted by professors at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Southern California and involved federal crown corporation Canada Lands Co. Ltd. After an office renovation that included replacing windows, staff reported an improvement in mood and engagement, as well as reductions in eye strain, headaches and drowsiness.

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Among employees who had better access to natural light and views, 78 per cent saw a reduction in eye strain while 80 per cent found they had fewer headaches. The majority (91 per cent) experienced less drowsiness at work.

“Employee experience and wellness is a top priority for us and having the optimal amount of natural light in our new offices is a key enabler,” said John McBain, president and chief executive officer at Canada Lands. “The collaboration . . . has improved the quality of daylight, comfort and employee morale.”

Employees exposed to more natural light are three-times more excited about coming to work, four-times prouder of their office and five-times more likely to rate their office as healthy and productive, according to the study.

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