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New report calls for updated retirement age to reflect reality of today’s workforce

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Jean Culliton:

All well and good to extend the retirement age to 67 for some professions. but consideration needs to given to the labour force in physical positions of which many are not physically able to work until 65 even. There needs to be a retirement policy for those workers.

Monday, April 15 at 11:26 am | Reply

Jorge Cruz:

Increasing the retirement age makes sense as long as flexibility and adjustment to individual situations are part of the process. Forcing workers in physically and emotionally stressful jobs to continue until a later age, might lead not only to a miserable old age life but also to higher healthcare costs.
Consideration should be given also to immigrants in a country with 20% of foreign-born people. Is the expectancy of life among immigrants the same as among Canadian-born individuals?
Another issue is the increasing unemployment in some professions, and particularly in the youth and among college and university graduates. Would increasing the retirement age worsen the chances for a career in Canada for the new talent and lead to talent migration to other countries? How would that affect the competitiveness of Canada in the future?

Sunday, May 05 at 3:09 pm | Reply


I think the retirement age should stay where it’s at. Trudeau should think twice about this he at first disagreed with Harper for jacking the retirement age up to 67 which isn’t suppose to take effect til 2023. I hope Trudeau keeps it where it’s at. How are those going to enjoy their retirement years if the age was jacked up, you might want to travel before your health gets hindered more. Lots of people suffer from dementia when they hit their 60’s, it’s the short term stuff that makes things complicated. Oh, I’m not accepting excuses. Good luck all, vote Liberal!!

Saturday, July 27 at 6:47 am | Reply


I do not agree with raising the retirement age from 65. There are many older people who once laid off (from approx 50+ yrs of age), have difficulty finding another job and may never find another job. In many cases these older workers are “discarded” as e.g. being overqualified, or are too old for the job – not that anyone says too old as this is against the law.
However, this is the reality.
Are these older people to suffer because the government wants to find savings?
Note: these same people have paid in to CPP for many years prior to being laid off, or the company sold and reorganizations occur for example.
I believe the retirement age should remain at 65 with the individual’s choice as it currently stands to opt to defer receiving their CPP at a future date.
Respectfully……….. 🙂

Tuesday, October 22 at 1:30 pm | Reply

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