A new website, created by Toronto financial advisor Jennifer Black, offers an online resource for widows and widowers. Widowed.ca addresses concerns individuals may have after the passing of a spouse, including questions about legal and financial matters, bereavement support, benefits eligibility and health and wellness.

Black says she developed the site in response to her own personal and professional experiences in dealing with loss. “I saw how greatly people were affected by the loss of a spouse and realized that there were a number of things they were seeking in terms of support,” she said. “They just didn’t know where to begin, or whom to trust in finding solutions. It’s such an emotional time, and their biggest fear is making mistakes.”

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Can you help with the gov. of canada declining survivor and death benefits?

Thanks, Nick

Wednesday, October 01 at 5:23 pm | Reply


I would like to know if my husband dies can I get help with money ,and the same for my husband if I pass away thank you

Friday, June 09 at 10:44 pm | Reply


My mother is a widower of 32 years and retired from her work now for at least 4 years and now finds herself being diagnose with osteoarthritis in her lower back. We have contacted her previous employer since she receives a pension from them if she as access to any type of health benefits and we were told no…Is there any service out there that can help her get the medical attention (physio therapy) that she needs in order to stay mobile? Thank you

Wednesday, February 28 at 1:53 pm | Reply

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