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Nortel employees seek legal clarity around health and welfare trust

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Beverley Smith:

The average Canadian goes about life doing mundane things like falling in love, having children, working to put food on the table, paying the bills, dreaming of a holiday, little things but these mundane things are the anchor of Canada. Not only does the paid work create economic progress but the care role, unpaid, creates community and replenishes the generations. The CPP is a nation’s attempt to reward this mundane everyday role. The CPP itself is a mundane thing, a work in progress. It so far mostly valued the paid work, mostly penalizes the person who did not save enough while toting that barge and lifting that bale, and mostly ignores the care role that made the nation strong. It penalizes just by not valuing them, those who became ill or disabled and it penalizes them for life.
Since we all know in our heart of hearts that is not fair, since we all know that making grandmas poor is not fair, the CPP needs fine-tuning. We become a better nation, more fully aware of all the roles that make us strong when our CPP ensures all seniors have dignity. They all have done their best.

Sunday, January 09 at 4:39 am | Reply

nortel disabled:

I as a disabled nortel employee paid into LTD plan to the max and was given confirmation I would be covered until 65. There was absolutely no mention of self insured or risks in any of the benefit documentation.

Now I am told that I will only get 30% of my already cut salary of 50% and all benefits are cut. Nortel at the same time was able to pay 400 Million in incentive bonuses and some 300 Million in lawyer fees while Feds watch the whole fiasco and have done nothing to intervene. Nortel
is off loading its obligation on the tax payers and this is not right.

Sunday, January 16 at 1:15 am | Reply

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