The OPSEU Pension Trust, together with British private equity firm Three Hills Capital Partners, has invested more than $89 million into ACT Commodities.

The Dutch firm specializes in trading commodities related to reducing the use of fossil fuel and emissions of greenhouse gases.

“In nine years, we have built the world’s preeminent trading house for environmental products and certificates,” said Bram Bastiaansen, co-founder and chief executive officer of ACT Commodities, in a press release. “With greenhouse gas reduction a target in every major economy, there is an increasing demand for a global market maker to advance clarity, speed and efficiency across geographic regions.”

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The investment is part of OPTrust’s continual focus on renewable sources of power, as well as other ecologically responsible investments like green real estate, according to the release. In June 2018, OPTrust launched an action plan on climate change.

“As a long-term investor, our role is to look far ahead at not only challenges, but also opportunities that could affect our members and their retirement security,” said Hugh O’Reilly, president and chief executive officer of OPTrust. “The transition to a carbon-neutral economy will be increasingly disruptive, and we believe this market will grow exponentially with the progressive long-term shift towards clean energy.”

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