A Quebec-based not-for-profit organization is suggesting a series of public policy proposals to encourage fathers in the province to take more parental leave and prompt employers to focus more on work-life balance.

The Regroupement pour la valorisation de la paternité has identified five specific challenges faced by fathers. In the case of parental leave, it noted that fathers in Quebec are significantly less likely to take advantage of the province’s parental insurance plan. As well, the organization noted it’s often difficult for fathers to take advantage of various measures favouring work-life balance without undergoing judgment or suffering prejudice.

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The proposed policy changes include increasing parental leave for Quebec fathers to eight weeks from five weeks, support in the workplace for the adoption of better practices around work-life balance and the implementation of a campaign promoting equal parenting.

“Today’s fathers wish to increase their involvement in their children’s lives. They want to team up with their partner and take an active role in all aspects of parenting,” said Raymond Villeneuve, director of the non-profit organization.

“However, several obstacles exist that make it hard for fatherhood to be recognized or valued as much as motherhood in Quebec society.

“That is why we are presenting a number of proposals, which in our opinion are necessary actions for the advent of a more equal parenting.”

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