RBC Insurance is rolling out a free wellness program for its group benefits plan sponsors with health coverage.

The digital program features health risk assessments, a newsfeed with content tailored to plan members,  peer-to-peer recognition, personal and corporate challenges and progress-based incentives and rewards such as retail discounts.

The program, which also syncs with wearable fitness technology, includes integrated data that allows plan sponsors to evaluate the program’s impact on the workforce with reporting and measuring tools.

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“We understand the importance of employee well-being and how an effective wellness program can shape the workplace culture and increase productivity,” said Julie Gaudry, senior director of group insurance for RBC Insurance, in a news release. “But there are real obstacles for employers to implement and run a wellness program.

“Our digital wellness program makes it easy for employers to support their employees’ well-being by providing users with customized content they’re interested in, challenging them, informing them and rewarding them for making healthier choices.”

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Plan members can access the program through RBC Insurance’s app and online benefits portal.

“Through the power of discounts and perks, we are able to attract all types of users, not just those who are already healthy and using health and wellness apps,” said Gaudry. “Users are incentivized to return regularly through rewards and are provided with information that is meaningful for them personally, which can help them create new healthier habits and change their attitude towards wellness for the long run.”

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