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Sounding Board: Employers fear WSIB mental-health claims will put them out of business

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Cindy Sternberg:

I am on both sides of this issue. I am off work due to an injury that caused permanent nerve damage. I am not returned to work, nearly two years later. Physically, the injury caused permanent damage, I don’t get to return to my job. On the other hand, my son runs a small business. If I had been his employee at the time, I’m certain he would have had to close. So many small businesses are on the edge, and this may shut them down, or the proposed changes in Ontario, any single event can destroy a small business. What can we do for the small business, to save them? What can we do for employees so injured, that their livelihood is gone forever? Ideas are needed, not lawsuits.

Tuesday, May 16 at 11:10 am | Reply

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