A significant minority (43 per cent) of Canadian office workers and managers work more than 40 hours each week to tackle work they didn’t have time for during business hours, Staples Business Advantage’s Workplace Index reports.

While more and more employers offer telecommuting options, 75 per cent of survey respondents find the office the most productive place to work. Of those, 37 per cent also found the office the most inspiring place to work.

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“It is the responsibility of employers to therefore provide an inclusive, welcoming environment that boosts employee productivity, increases happiness and positively impacts the bottom line,” says Michael Zahra, president of Staples Business Advantage Canada.

The Workplace Index found boosting productivity can involve providing staff with current technology and ergonomic workstations, as well as cutting down on distractions such as chatty colleagues and e-mail overload.

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Many respondents (66 per cent) also reported workplace wellness programs are a big selling point when they look for new jobs and appreciate perks like fresh foods, on-site gyms and well-stocked break rooms or kitchens. Nevertheless, just over half (55 per cent) report their workplaces don’t offer wellness programs.

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