With the average Canadian Football League (CFL) career lasting only three years, players need to consider what they are going to do with their life—and money—once they step off the field. To help, the Canadian Football League Players’ Association (CFLPA) has teamed up with Sun Life Financial to offer financial planning and career seminars to all players in the league.

“CFL athletes share the same concerns as other Canadians when it comes to saving money and planning for their retirement,” said Mary De Paoli, executive vice-president and chief marketing officer, with Sun Life Financial. “We’re excited to expand our relationship with the CFL to include the CFLPA so we can offer tailored financial guidance to their players.”

This marks the first time the CFLPA has partnered with a financial services organization.

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In addition to financial planning seminars, Sun Life-led career seminars will give players the opportunity to learn about becoming a Sun Life advisor once they step off the field.

“In football, it’s a short period of time that you get to play, and it’s important that these guys think of life after football,” said Mike Morreale, CFLPA president and a former player. “As players, they are worried about what’s happening on the field and they don’t always think of life after they retire from the game. By Sun Life coming right into the locker rooms to provide financial planning assistance and career opportunities, it will help many players successfully plan for their future.”

Morreale said that while the CFLPA had previously offered some financial planning information to players, “the big thing that [Sun Life] did that encouraged me was to provide job opportunities for the guys as well.”

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