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Supporting adult children takes its toll on boomers’ retirement plans: survey

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Ernie Zelinski:

Realy? “A new TD survey found 62 per cent of boomers can’t save enough for retirement because they’re supporting adult children or grandchildren.”

Simple solution: Stop supporting adult children or grandchildren! See, there is no off-switch on this genius machine!

For the record, studies show that it is much easier for married people to save enough for retirement than single people. Yet, as a single person who has worked less than half of my adult life, and ony three or four hours a day when I have worked, I have save much more for retirement than 95 percent of married people my age.

Here is the bottom line: Reasons only help you sound reasonable. They have nothing to do with manifesting achievement and prosperity in your life.

Friday, January 20 at 3:57 am | Reply

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