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Teachers’ sells Canadian banks, energy companies

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I am intrigued by the thought that million of shares of Canadian Institutions were sold and the Capital spirited offshore.
Trades of this magnitude obviously have a deleterious effect on their remaining holdings and those of other Pension Investors in effect an effect on all of Canada and it took US trading report requirements for this to become public.
As our investment community is not very large it is reasonable to expect this would have impact much larger than the numbers shown here. Yes i would of liked to have written this yesterday or the day before but i will point out
that on top of all the other news this likely didn’t help.
A former major trader in Toronto told me he left a major investment company when they could never accept his advice to liquidate major holdings. The response was based on which customers do we sell first?
It seems their loyalty to all their corporate and individual company clients was misplaced?
Perhaps the Teachers Plan and the Canada Pension Plan who have been major overseas investors don’t suffer from that malady either.

Friday, August 21 at 11:57 pm | Reply

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