When it comes to the most popular investment stories of the year, Benefits Canada‘s biannual top money managers’ rankings were at the top of the list in 2017, with many readers also interested in the affect on pension plans of the Canadian dollar’s rise and interest rate boosts.

Benefits Canada rounds up your favourite investment stories of 2017:


  1. What do Golf Town’s troubles say about retail investment prospects?
  2. 2017 Top 40 Money Managers Report: Investing in the age of Donald Trump
  3. 10 Canadian pension funds ranked among top global equity investors: report
  4. 2017 Top 40 Money Managers Report: A look at the Canada Infrastructure Bank
  5. What should institutional investors expect from real estate in 2017?
  6. How is the Canadian dollar’s rise affecting pension plans?
  7. How would an interest rate boost affect pension plans?
  8. Can Home Capital ‘plug the gap’ with $2B from HOOPP?
  9. Warning signs for investors in 2018
  10. Why big pension funds love Australian ports

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