Readers were focused on the Canada Pension Plan and old-age security in 2018, with the top three most read stories tackling those topics.

Benefits Canada rounds up the industry’s favourite pension and retirement stories of the year:

1. New CPP, OAS benefit amounts take effect for 2018

2. Increase to OAS benefits takes effect July 1

3. Why aren’t Canada’s public sector pension plans integrating enhanced CPP?

4. OMERS looking at indexing as part of plan review

5. Why a little bit of retirement planning knowledge can be a dangerous thing

6. 28% of Canadian gen-Xers have no retirement savings, survey finds

7. 2018 to be a significant year for pension reform in Ontario

8. Compensation disclosure guideline making waves in benefits, retirement market

9. Sears DB members facing bleak payout prospects as company reduced to ‘shell of itself’

10. Are tontines a solution to Canada’s decumulation challenges?

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