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Unconscious gender bias preventing women from leadership roles: survey

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Kathleen Brush:

If men and women in the workplace had better knowledge of the many ways unconscious bias inserts itself into the workplace, the number of women saying discrimination is the main cause of a lack of female executive would be closer to 100%.
Men taking parental leave is unlikely, to any significant degree, lessen unconscious bias against women during their child bearing years, although it has been shown to sometimes encourage men to assume more responsibilities at home which can give aspiring women more time to focus on work. But parental leave when taken by a mother or a father has been shown to encourage unconscious bias against both when it comes to being considered for executive positions. It shows a relative lack of commitment to the job. The bias that accrues to men can be even higher because people expect women to take leave – not men.
Parental leave for men and women has benefits, but finding data to support that it will help close the executive leadership gender gap is very light.

Sunday, December 01 at 9:57 am | Reply

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