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Will 18-month parental leave reduce pressures on working families?

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They promised to extend maternity leave from 12 months to 18 months as part of their platform if elected. They were elected but haven’t said so much as a peep about this. They must do what they said they would do regardless how they feel about it now. If they don’t offer the 18 month parental leave than they lied to the Canadian people.

Thursday, August 04 at 8:14 pm | Reply


Sadly, this has been mentioned by mulitple parties for years, nothing has ever come of it. The need for families to be able to have the time with their children is important, also child care is so difficult to find needs to be addressed as well. Many of us mothers have to quit our jobs at the end of the maternity leave because we cannot find childcare or it is cost prohibitive.

Friday, October 07 at 6:18 pm | Reply


The maternity leave must be a priority to this government as it is such an important to the new born babies. It is so hard for parents (mother) to leave a child who can not even say whether he/she is hungry or not in words. It would be a boon to these little babies to offer an extra 6 months with their moms (parents). Please do not delay a single day to pass this bill from the senate!

Monday, November 28 at 9:37 pm | Reply


In my opinion, having a child should not be deemed a Government responsibility. It is primarily a couple’s responsibility. That child depends on you. Clearly the government is not following through with their promises. If one decides to have a child, they ought to think of childcare needs way in advance. It seems as though people have the child, upgrade from a honda civic to an suv then think…oh, childcare. By then, it’s too late. Also, we are a developed country and many people are family planning one way or another. I suggest that people save money for those six months extra, take LOA if they so wish, then return to work if they so wish. But we already live in a society where saving for a rainy day is more the exception than the rule so I don’t expect that a six months savings would be a possibility. But heck, we’ll look to the government instead. Well, how is that working for us?

Tuesday, February 21 at 7:38 pm | Reply

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