A new survey has found that women investors have less confidence, satisfaction and optimism in their investments, than their male counterparts.

The survey, conducted by Leger Marketing for Franklin Templeton Investments shows women are less likely to hold investments and have less confidence in meeting their financial goals than men.

Men are 7% more likely to hold investments than women and 6% more confident in their financial plans, the survey found.

Only 65% of women surveyed were satisfied with their investment knowledge, compared to 77% of men. Women also have a more negative outlook, with 26% saying they are pessimistic about their investments, compared to 18% of men.

However, it seems the gap shrinks when female investors get investment advice. Women investors that work with an advisor are 14% more satisfied with their knowledge, 15% more optimistic and 16% more confident in their financial plans when compared to women that didn’t seek professional investment advice.

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