Many Canadians struggled with their mental health before COVID-19. The pandemic has amplified this issue and made mental health a mainstream topic of conversation, media reports and searches for support.

It was different 15 years ago – few people were comfortable talking about mental health and even fewer were comfortable talking about it at work. Canada Life launched Workplace Strategies for Mental Health in 2007 to help start a dialogue. Today, Workplace Strategies is a leading source of free workplace tools, assessments and resources to support psychological safety and mental health among people in Canada. You can find all these supports at the newly designed website at

The resources are developed in collaboration with experts from across the country. Most recently, Workplace Strategies commissioned a comprehensive study that measured factors relating to how employees feel at work. Conducted by Mental Health Research Canada, this study revealed that more than one third of respondents working in Canada reported burnout. For burnout, workers in healthcare topped the list, with nurses almost doubling the average.

“The number of people in Canada reporting burnout is cause for concern and not surprising considering the uncertainty of the pandemic rollercoaster,” said Mary Ann Baynton, Director of Collaboration and Strategy, Workplace Strategies.

Baynton says burnout is often characterized by emotional exhaustion, cynicism, negativity and reduced efficiency at work. While not considered a mental illness, burnout can be debilitating and long lasting. That’s why prevention and mitigation strategies are so important.

Workplace Strategies is here to help. Employees can access strategies to help prevent burnout. And Burnout response for leaders can help managers identify employee burnout, recognize workplace factors contributing to burnout and take pro-active steps for prevention.

Taking breaks is one strategy that can help prevent burnout. Workplace Strategies offers weekly Take your break emails with activities that support good mental health at work. You can subscribe to get these low to no-cost break activities to help you energize, calm your mind or relax your body. In recognition of its 15th anniversary, Workplace Strategies is planning a special break on June 16. Check out the website on May 25 to learn more.

Workplace Strategies is also marking the anniversary with a tangible gift to support those trying to manage burnout and other mental health challenges. The program is making a gift of $15,000 to Canadian Mental Health Association. This organization provides national programs that focus on resilience and workplace mental health.

Make Workplace Strategies part of your commitment to mental health and psychological safety – bookmark