When it comes to equities, Canadian plans
still can’t shake the home bias

Ever since the elimination of the Foreign Property Rule nearly a decade ago, Canadian pension funds have been shifting their focus beyond Canada’s borders. But when it comes to global equities, many are still too focused on Canadian equities at a time when the economy is struggling. So said participants at our 2015 Global Equities Roundtable, which brought together experts from around the world to discuss challenges and opportunities in global markets. Despite heightened volatility in equity markets, there are a myriad of reasons to be positive about prospects for global growth as technology and innovation change the economic landscape for the better and as emerging markets continue to benefit from positive demographics and infrastructure investing.

The growth is out there, provided Canadian pension funds can shake that home bias and diversify outside their borders.


2016 Global Equities Roundtable
2016 Global Equities Roundtable