Patient’s Voice, sponsored by Merck, provides employers with insights into the needs and challenges of Canadian workers who are living with a chronic disease.

This latest installment to the Patient’s Voice program focuses on the issue of preventative interventions. While a healthy lifestyle can play a significant role in reducing the risk of developing certain chronic diseases, many people struggle to adopt the requisite lifestyle. Others embrace healthy behaviours, yet are still at high risk for developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes. These individuals may require medication to supplement the preventative benefits of diet and exercise.

In this report(located at right), read what the experts have to say about the roles that both healthy lifestyle and lifesaving medications have to play in preventing chronic illness and keeping employees healthy and on the job.

The Patient’s Voice program includes a survey of more than 200 plan members diagnosed with a chronic illness and more than 100 plan sponsors. Download the booklet that discusses the research results, explores the impact of chronic illness on both employees and plan sponsors, and recommends solutions (located below).

Download a summary report from a recent forum exploring these same key issues (located below).