An NDP private member’s bill that proposes raising the retirement benefit payments made to the families of deceased Canadian Forces and Royal Canadian Mounted Police veterans would cost Ottawa more than $6 billion, according to an analysis by the Office of the Parliamentary Budget Officer.

The changes proposed by Bill C-261 would result in an increased pension liability of $5.046 billion for the regular CF pension plan, $7 million for the reserves CF pension plan and $1.32 billion for the RCMP pension plan, according to the analysis. It also found that annual servicing costs would increase by $112.55 million for the CF plan, $910,000 for the reserves CF plan and $39 million for the RCMP plan.

The budget office says that Treasury Board policy indicates the entire liability would hit Ottawa’s books, net of any surplus in the account, all in the year the change is approved.

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The private member’s bill was introduced in April by New Democrat MP Irene Mathyssen. It has passed the first-reading stage, but opposition proposals typically have little chance of being adopted.

“It is important that supports remain in place for the spouse and family after the veteran passes away,” Mathyssen said in the House of Commons in April.

“Many veterans’ spouses are forced to give up their own careers to support the veteran during the veteran’s service when they are moved from city to city, making it difficult for the spouse to establish a career. Or a spouse may give up work to care for an injured veteran.”

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The changes are very appealing but in reality are Canadians willing to accept rather large increases in the taxes? Not likely hence if we want more social assistance in the amounts indicated then we expect to pay for those increases. Mind you any political party in power wastes or misuses the funds they have however these changes would definitely impact on all Canadians’ income tax amounts.

Sunday, August 21 at 9:45 am | Reply

Jim Cochrane:

About the cost of 6 new interchange bridges on torontos 401 Freeway. Veterans affairs guards that money like it was their own. 8 years to get A disability pension despite 23 years of service and 2 broken backs as a paratrooper for CF . This isnt increasing the cost This is paying for the promises every service Person and RCMP officer and their dependents works under. The same promises private industry made to retired workers healthcare and since 2000 have had to Fund. Next time you are flooded out or some other disaster hits tell that guy walking around in the lake on your street that you really dont think he deserves the extra pension and oh yeah that is a live wire from the hydro poll next to him. Or tell his wife that after two years in the Ukraine he just came back from and his PTSD that she has to live with to “suck it up” because we really need another “Ice Breaker”
Its time Our Industry sucked it up.

Tuesday, September 06 at 12:47 pm | Reply

Jim Cochrane:

While you are at it tell them that you really would rather have that 2% reduction in GST if it had been a choice two years ago. Yes we really needed that two% far more than keep our promises to our vets and police officers. This would have been an excellent use for 2% of the 55 Billion$ surplus in EI . Its too bad we used it for tax reductions for actuaries, HRDirectors, Consultants, FundManagers, sales Staff, and Insurance Execs. Yes we are the ones who are keeping that money. Explain that to your children. Or your parents.

Tuesday, September 06 at 12:56 pm | Reply

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