The independent investigator appointed by the federal government to examine matters related to the RCMP pension and insurance plans called for an immediate and comprehensive review of the governance structure and culture of the RCMP in his report.

“What happened in the administration of the RCMP pension and insurance plans constituted a fundamental breach of trust between the RCMP and its current and retired members,” says David Brown. “I found myself forced beyond these events to comment on a broader breach of trust between RCMP management and its members.”

This report is the seventh “investigation” into matters surrounding the RCMP pension and insurance funds. Prior to this report, RCMP management conducted an internal audit of the pension plan in 2003, ordered a criminal investigation in 2004, conducted internal investigations and an internal audit in 2005, followed by a report by the Auditor General of Canada and subsequent hearings by the House of Commons Standing Committee on Public Accounts.

He recommends against a full-blown public inquiry, saying that all relevant facts are now known and there is no reason to revisit the processes that have been discussed as part of the investigations.

“At the conclusion of my work, I am able to report that there was no person with whom we wished to meet who declined to meet with us,” Brown says. “I had extensive access to all emails and documents. I can’t conceive that access would have been greater had I been a commissioner under the Public Inquiries Act.”

To read the report on the RCMP’s website, click here.

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