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The benefits of pension plans

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eleanor Jones:

I have been informed that the guarenteed income will give me only 230 dollars…along with OAP and the 54 dollars I receive from QC. how am expected to live? The lady told me that those who have been living on the streets…and receiving nothing for the year ….instead of the amount I had been getting,,,will be the only ones who receive the full 1,500 dollars. I asked her …how does that make sense. I will have to live under a bridge .in a car? I have a 47 years old son who has lived with me since birth. Ha has autism and is learning disabled. I have two degrees, one fro Mc Gill and was a social worker until a car hit me and damaged my spine in 2002. How can this government expect a person to live with the little funds they will supply? Thank you, Eleanor Jones

Sunday, June 18 at 7:29 pm | Reply

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