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Considerations for employers around the incoming CPP enhancements

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Kevin O'Brien:

I started working full time in 1977 and have contributed just over $104,000 to my CPP account. With the current CPP investment boards boasting of making 6.78% (after fees) on my investment, my pension should be $3,500/month. Yet I am entitled to 1/3 of that amount. To call the federal government’s changes to our CPP premium as being enhancements is misleading and dishonest. The CPP pension is garbage … in reality, it is a cash cow for the government.

Tuesday, December 04 at 11:49 am | Reply

Joe Nunes:


The CPP isn’t a cash cow for the government. It is a cash cow for those that retired in 1977 around the time you started contributing.

Tuesday, December 04 at 1:46 pm

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